An alliance of music and science Wilton’s Music Hall

Why do some diseases hit the headlines and attract billions in funding while others languish almost unnoticed,even though they affect many more people? That’s the question explored by Song of Contagion, a musical journey through the politics of global health. Patient activists, click-bait news headlines, corporate lobbyists, research scientists: all have voices in this unlikely musical collaboration between an epidemiologist and East London’s exuberantly


Wilton’s Music Hall, Whitechapel, London E1 8JB

Tickets £10 – £17.50 (concessions available)
Full Price £10 to £17.50;
Family matinee prices: £12.50 adults, £7.50 children.
Family offer £30 for 4 tickets (must include 1 adult and 1 child)

Box Office: 020 7702 2789

You can book your tickets here

13 - 17 June

Lecture of the Incredible Elizabeth Pisani

Saturday 17th June 2:30pm family show